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NOTE: This is now basically depreciated, because git can meanwhile also be conveniently run on Windows based systems:


This page is dedicated to helping collect resources about running git on the Win32 platform in order to start assembling information about possible ways to help the FlightGear project eventually migrate to a git based primary repository.

Please note however that is not necessarily required to actually install and run git (neither a client, nor the server) on a platform in order to be able to use it (this applies to both: anonymous checkout and authenticated checkins): git can easily emulate various different RCS/SCM protocols (using so called git gateways), among them also CVS and SVN, essentially enabling people to keep using the frontends (i.e. TortoiseCVS/SVN) they're used to, while using git only as the remote "storage backend", so that git would transparently do its job (i.e. by running git-cvsserver [1]) without repository users necessarily being aware of it: "Git also has a CVS server emulation, which enables the use of existing CVS clients and IDE plugins to access Git repositories." [2]

The functionality being provided by CVS currently (or SVN in the future) can thus be directly provided without necessarily having git locally installed. Of course on Win32 platforms, this would not bring the benefits of running a decentralized SCM locally because there would be no way to do offline development in a branch without a local git server-however, functionality-wise this is identical to the advantages provided by CVS and SVN, and thus the current situation.

However, to address this shortcoming until git (the daemon that is) has become more stable on Win32 platforms, it would be possible for those Win32 developers to simply sign up for free git hosting, so that development branches may be maintained online. This in addition would have the advantage of enabling fellow developers to easily keep track of the development process done in branches, which would otherwise only be local.

In other words, the major disadvantage of switching to a central and primary git repository would be the issue of Win32 developers not being directly able to do local (i.e. offline) git-based development in branches, without installing git (either Cygwin or MSys).

Options to run git on Win32