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Socata Rallye MS-893E
Type Civil aircraft, Civil utility aircraft, Glider tug
Configuration Low wing aircraft
Propulsion Propeller aircraft, Single-engine aircraft
Manufacturer SOCATA
  • Patrice Poly (3D, FDM)
  • Beber (Sounds)
--aircraft= rallye-MS893
Status Alpha
 Website The website for the Socata Rallye MS-893E developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Socata Rallye MS-893E.
Download Download the Socata Rallye MS-893E aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Rallye 893 is a single engined, low wing monoplane of all metal construction, fitted with a fixed tricycle gear. It has a bulbous cockpit which houses four people and it can be used as a towplane for sailplanes.

One of its particularities is being equiped with automatic slats, that deploy at low speeds/high incidence to help in slow flight and enable the plane to sink in wings-level reduced-power stalls rather than break with a nose-down pitch change.

The slats combined to the important fowler flaps allow for very short take off and landings, even on rough surfaces.

Aircraft help


  • Cruise speed: 113 kt ( 209 km/h )
  • Never-exceed (Vne): 156 kt ( 290 km/h )
  • Maneuvering (Va): 113 kt ( 210 km/h )
  • Approach speed: 65 kt ( 120 km/h )
  • Stall speed (Vs): ( with full flaps) 50 kt ( 92 km/h )

For aerotow

  • Place the Rallye within 60m to a glider
  • The glider pilot has to press Ctrl-o to hook the link
  • You can press Shift-o to release your hook

More detailed aerotow help can be found at Howto: Do aerotow over the net


Key Function
o Hook aerotow
Shift+o Release aerotow
Shift+D Open/close canopy
d Aileron trim left
f Aileron trim right

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • 3D geometry
  • Sounds
  • FDM
  • Basic Texturing


  • Detailing on the textures, liveries
  • Immatriculation
  • A proper electrical and instrumentation setup
  • Lights
  • clickable panel regions
  • EGT display doesn't work
  • oil pressure display doesn't work
  • battery level display is missing

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