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This is meant to become a summarized list of all feature requests/suggestions related to the FlightGear Sound system, it is largely based on Feature Requests / Proposals / Ideas (where all related items were deleted) as well as related mailing list and forum discussions - this list may not be up to date with the most recent developments in CVS, your help in updating and maintaining this list is appreciated!

  • "we really need better control of sound levels and balancing between different sound sources. It is often impossible to hear ATIS over the aircraft sounds for example. Having one master volume control and volume properties on the radios is not enough. I think breaking it into different groups of sounds...aircraft, radios, etc...and having master controls for each would be a good solution." [1] (also see [2])
  • "it would be beneficial to have the ability to specify a sound device for a certain group. So you could, for example, send aircraft sounds to your speakers, and radio sounds to a headset" [3]
  • making the OpenAL dependency optional [4]