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This is meant to become a summarized list of all feature requests/suggestions related to the FlightGear Autopilot system, it is largely based on Feature Requests / Proposals / Ideas (where all related items were deleted) and may not be up to date with the most recent developments in CVS, your help in updating and maintaining this list is appreciated!

  • when the aircraft is reset, the autopilot should also be automatically reset
  • Modify the autopilot (PID controller) code so that maneuvers are not initiated too rapidly (abrupfly), currently maneuvers such as turns are executed pretty violently in most faster aircraft (i.e. c310, 737), the bank angle exceeds frequently a standard turn rate of 3°/sec (likewise for maneuvers like climbs or descents, where the output is apparently also not reduced early enough in anticipation of reaching the target altitude) (note, that this problem has been discussed on the JSBsim mailing list [1])
  • add additional pitch mode to autopilot dialog for climb/descent gradients, so that users can specify a gradient that is automatically maintained (i.e. a glidepath)