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Task List

GUI / renderer

  • Adapt the 2D panel code to build Canvas nodes

GPS / FMS / Route-planning

  • Make an 'IRS' instrument which models an inertial reference platform (partially done, but the simulation of the IRS needs to be changed to an error-walk model instead of attempting actually integration of acceleration values, which is too inaccurate at our simulation rate without sophisticated integrators)
  • GPS Restructuring
    • Break the C++ GPS into various discrete modules, which can be selected or combined from Nasal
    • Bug-fix the various LNAV path controllers (DME arcs, DME intercepts)
    • Make a VNAV module for FMS use (compute climb and descent profiles)

Using the above, more real-world GPS and FMC units can be created with Nasal to combine C++ core modules.

  • Create a generic Boeing CDU instrument, using the existing keypad model, but with the Canvas for the content. Various people have done parts of this, it's mostly a collating and refactoring job to get a solution that will scale to the 747-400, 777 and 737NG. Once that's done should discuss with Scott about any Airbus MCDU overlap (but likely not much is possible)

Instruments / displays

  • Port NavDisplay to use the Canvas internally (see NavDisplay) 70}% completed

Post 2.12 Tasks

Core properties and subsystems

  • Re-write re-init to be a normal sim-startup
  • USB-HID support, support for more HID devices (also see issue #619)
    • Add a hidapi backend to event-input code
    • Write a loader to use existing joystick configs with event-input
    • Remove PLIB JS dependency
  • Migrate Nasal geo.Coord to be implemented in C++, and hence agree with SGGeodesy functions for courses, distances and so on.

Navigation Data

  • Unify airport dynamics modelling of active runways with ILS model, to solve the conflicting ILS issue in a more realistic way.

Data / deployment

  • Enable persistent cache for TerraSync stamps
  • Make libSvn replacement code enabled by default (and remove libsvn / libapr from builds)
  • Improve sync reporting so finalize-position can wait on TerraSync tile sync
  • Make various data elements synced over SVN - at least ATC chatter, AI models and traffic, and different texture sets (DDS, high-res, low-res)
  • Once sim re-init is possible, enable aircraft switching and hence build a UI for the aircraft package manager code