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example of a flightstrip with edit fields
callsign radio class model squawk squawk ATC lines
distance altitude altitude vert speed heading heading speed speed flight rules
departure runway SID/STAR cruise altitude route destination direction
public: public
private: private


callsign callsign of contact
radio icon only visible when radio communication available
class icon for model class (plane, helicopter, car, carrier, …) [see note 1]
model model of aircraft, ...
squawk assigned squawk code [see notes 2, 3]
squawk current squawk code set by contact [see note 4]
ATC controlling ATC [click to (un)control, right click to hand over]
lines checkbox to show the lines „public“ and „private“, which are hidden, when empty
distance distance of contact from the airport
altitude assigned altitude (feet or flightlevel) [see notes 2, 3]
altitude current altitude of contact (feet or flightlevel) [see note 4]
vert speed current vertical speed of contact (* 100 ft/min)
heading assigned heading [see notes 2, 3, 5]
heading current heading of contact [see note 4]
speed assigned speed [see notes 2, 3, 5]
speed current ground speed of contact [see note 4]
flight rules VFR/IFR
departure ICAO of departure airport
runway assigned runway for start or landing
SID/STAR assigned SID or STAR
cruise altitude requested cruise altitude
route last waypoint, current airway, next waypoint (from waypoints, click to select next part of the route) [see note 6]
destination ICAO of destination airport
direction direction from contact to the destination airport
public multiline public comments (visible by other ATCs) [see notes 2, 7]
private multiline private notes (NOT visible by other ATCs) [see notes 2, 7]


1 additional feature for future release
2 In fields it is necessary to confirm entries with ENTER.
3 after confirmation with ENTER an appropriate message to the pilot is offered in the chat field. It can be sent with another ENTER or it can be edited or canceled with ESC.
4 is hidden, when equal to assigned value.
5 in this release not transmitted to other ATCs.
6 waypoints in the flightplan dialog should be entered like:
waypoint1 airway1 waypoint2 airway2 …
7 line is hidden when it is empty and „lines“ isn't checked.