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This is the mapping between the OpenStreetMap (OSM) landcover classes and the FlightGear materials that was developed for the Central Europe custom scenery (line data) and the Caribbean custom scenery (both) (05/2020).

The OpenStreetMap wiki has more detailed information about the key-value pairs and combinations.
For more information about the possible FlightGear materials terragear accepts, see https://sourceforge.net/p/flightgear/terragear/ci/next/tree/src/BuildTiles/Main/default_priorities.txt.

OSM key OSM value Flightgear material suggested line width (where applicable)
Line data
highway motorway Asphalt 12
highway trunk Asphalt 10
highway primary Asphalt 8
highway secondary Asphalt 7
highway tertiary Asphalt 6
waterway river Stream 8
waterway stream Stream 3
railway rail Railroad 6
Polygon data
aeroway aerodrome Airport
leisure golf_course GolfCourse
landuse industrial Industrial
landuse commercial Urban
landuse construction Construction
landuse residential Town
landuse meadow Meadow
landuse landfill Dump
landuse forest MixedForest/DeciduousForest/RainForest (depending on area)
natural wood MixedForest/DeciduousForest/RainForest (depending on area)
natural beach Sand
natural water Lake
natural scrub Scrub
natural bare_rock Rock
natural grassland Grassland
natural lava Lava
natural coastline/island/islet Default