O'Hare International Airport

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O'Hare International Airport
KORD screenshot 2019.JPG
Type Public
Owner City of Chicago
City Chicago, Illinois, USA
Runway Length Material
14R/32L 3962 m Asphalt/Concrete
10/28 3092 m Asphalt/Concrete
14L/32R 3050 m Asphalt
4R/22L 2461 m Asphalt
9R/27L 2428 m Asphalt/Concrete
4L/22R 2286 m Asphalt

Airport Layout

The airport layout in Flightgear as of release 2018.2.3 is significantly different than the current airport. O'Hare International has closed several of the runways present in Flightgear and has built several new ones that are missing.


Chicago O'Hare International Airport has five terminals, numbered 1-5. As of release 2018.2.3, only part of Terminal 1 (Concourse C) has a custom static model.

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