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There is a Python script that parses $FG_ROOT/Nasal to create up-to-date Nasal docs from it. See Adrian's script: viewtopic.php?f=72&t=25119[1]

There is a dedicated Python script that can help automatically extract most of the boilerplate structure to help create the wiki stub. See Adrian's work.[2]

Adrian came up with a simple Nasal API file for $FG_ROOT/Nasal using a python script. He uploaded the file here. Adrian's python script automatically creates Nasal API docs based on parsing $FG_ROOT/Nasal.[3]

Adrian's script in $FG_SRC/scripts/python should automatically create updated API documentation based on the nasal source code in $FG_ROOT/Nasal (HTML output).[4]

This is a temporary solution until there is a more solid solution. The reasons Adrian used a home made parser instead of a pre-made solution is the lack of uniform coding and comment style. There is for sure a lot to be improved. For one, Adrian would like to extend it further so it can parse classes as well.

Please take a look and comment.[5]


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