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After reading a comment on the forum[1] Erik did some work for Nasal in SimGear:

First off he added nasal-bin from Andy's repository to be able to test Nasal code outside FlightGear and added his unit-tests to git under simgear/nasal/misc.

Secondly he added support for true and false as NumLiterals, where true == 1 and false == 0:

Erik already tested the code using nasal-bin and withing FlightGear but if somebody sees unsuspected problems with Nasal code in next then this change is probably the number one suspect. [1]

Subsequently, this patch was reworked by Colin Geniet by adding "true" and "false" in the lexemes list. That seems like the right tool to handle things which look like symbols but are not.[2] [3][4] FlightGear now builds the standalone Nasal interpreter in Flightgear/src/Main and testing the SQLite functionality is easy by calling

nasal <path_to_simgear-sources>/simgear/nasal/misc/sqlite.nas

It fills an sqlite file in the current directory and reads back the results.[5]