Molde Aro

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Molde Aro (ENML) is an airport in southern middle Norway. It is suitable for aircraft up to A320-class with a runway of about 2000 metres and an international terminal.

Custom Scenery

D-ECHO created a custom scenery for this airport and its surroundings


  • New and improved landclasses (based on old landclasses and OSM data) (!not yet available!)
  • Improved airport layout featuring the new, extended apron and the parking area, based on airport from (!not yet available!)
  • OSM2City buildings, osm roads and streetlamps from OSM
  • Airport and general scenery objects Available via terrasync!


The release version of the new landclasses + new airport layout will soon be available (expect ~1-2 weeks)
The development repository is at
You can download the osm2city buildings, roads and streetlamps via git:


Feel free to add your own images!!