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The Maldives Custom Scenery is a custom scenery by D-ECHO to improve the scenery of the Maldives, a group of islands to the south-west of India, in flightgear.


  • Development of all airports of the Maldives with models and 850 layouts.
  • Development of all islands of the Maldives with at least (!) two landclasses.
  • Population of the Maldives with shared/static objects
  • osm2city objects and roads
  • Add AI traffic
  • liveries?


Goal Progress Comments
850 layouts for all airports of the Maldives 100}% completed Done.
Models for all airports 10}% completed A few airports have buildings from terrasync.
Island development 40}% completed All islands with an airport on them and many others done, but still a LOT to do
osm2city objects 60}% completed All islands populated, but most of them look unrealistic or will have to be deleted (no city house in the water ;))
Iosm2city roads 100}% completed Done.
Shared/static objects 10}% completed A few islands have shared objects from terrasync, a few custom houses have been placed.


You can download/clone the custom scenery from Point your fgscenery (1st page of fgrun) to output/ for the main custom scenery and additionally to output/osm to enable osm2city buildings and roads.

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