MC-15 Cri-Cri

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MC-15 Cri-Cri
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Type Civil aircraft, Aerobatic aircraft, Light aircraft, Sport aircraft
Configuration Low wing aircraft, Tractor aircraft, Fixed gear aircraft
Propulsion Twin-engine piston aircraft (Piston aircraft, Twin-engine aircraft)
Manufacturer Michel Colomban
Author(s) Bea Wolf (D-ECHO)
--aircraft= mc-15
Status Unknown
 Website The website for the MC-15 Cri-Cri developments.
 Repository The development repository of the MC-15 Cri-Cri.
Download Download the MC-15 Cri-Cri aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

Michel Colomban's MC-15 Cri-Cri is a tiny twin-engine piston aircraft seating one person.

Status of the FlightGear Model

The FlightGear model of this aircraft was started in early 2024 by Bea Wolf (D-ECHO). It's far from finished though flyable and featuring a quite well external and cockpit 3d model. If you would like to help, especially in the areas highlighted below, feel free to contact Bea via the Forum or Discord.

Area Status
3D Model Detailed Model based on the available Building Plans. Textures are still very basic and more liveries would also be nice (Help welcome).

Some areas of complex shape aren't done yet (e.g. flaperon control joints, rudder cables + connections) and some parts that are individually accurate per-plan don't yet fit together too well. A few parts aren't yet done, for example the fuel tank and fuel linings.

Instruments All (of the few) instruments typically found in real-life Cri-Cris are modelled and functional.

TinyTach RPM Indicators include operating hour recording functionality as per manual.[1]

Flight Dynamics Model (FDM) Flyable, but very basic. Help welcome!
  • Electrical System: Done Done
  • Fuel System:Not done Not done
  • Engine System: Only very basically simulated. 10}% completed
Additional Variants This aircraft also exists with Jet Engines[2] as well as Electric Engines[3][4] - those variants aren't modelled yet but are planned for the future!

External Links

There is extensive documentation and information available online.

The following is a short list of what is used as reference in the development of this aircraft: