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MATLAB (matrix laboratory) is a numerical computing environment and fourth-generation programming language.[1]

Simulink Aerospace Blockset

Since 2005, the Aerospace Blockset extension for Simulink includes an interface to visualize flight paths in FlightGear.[2] Data is transmitted via UDP network packets.

When using the Generate Run Script, you may have to manually adjust the paths in the created .bat file to match your FlightGear setup.

Bug in Generate FlightGear Run Script

The Generate FlightGear Run Script block in the Aerospace Blockset creates a faulty FlightGear command line when the "Select FlightGear data flow" option is set to "Send". It is correct when set to either "Receive" or "Send-Receive". The faulty command is


This is not a valid FlightGear command and is rejected by the program. The correct commands for this would be:

--fdm=null --native-fdm=socket,in,30,localhost,5502,udp

Replace the faulty command in the generated batch file in order to run your simulation in FlightGear.

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