Landivisiau Naval Air Base

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Landivisiau Naval Air Base
Image requested
Type Military
Owner French MOD
City Landivisiau, Brittany, France
Runway Length Material
26/08 2600 m Asphalt
Scenery tile w010n40

FlightGear scenery

Author: X-Plane and FG Community, imported and coordinated by F-OJAC
Status: early-production
Webpage: Author's webpage
Resource: On Scenery DataBase
Tile: w010n40

About the project

This naval airbase, located in Brittany, is not yet complete, however this airbase is very fun to fly because it has arresting cables and is the homebase for the French Rafale (Navy version). Use Terrasync to see it in progress!

Things to do

  • Import some of the objects from XPlane, with the authors' authorization
  • Finish the fences
  • AI traffic