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JSBSim uses tables in functions, turbine engine definitions, turboprop engine definitions, and propeller definitions. Probably other places as well. These tables can be 1 dimension (1D), 2 dimensions (2D) or 3 dimensions (3D). All table indexes must increase in value. Data is linearly interpolated between break point indexes and is static outside the bounds of the break point indexes.

The 1D table has two columns. The data is in columns. The first column contains the index or break point number and the second contains the actual data.

The 2D table has at least three columns and two row. The first row contains column index break point numbers. The first column contains the row index break point numbers the other columns contains the actual data. Since the first column contains the row index break point numbers there is no index break point for it and the first row is one number shorter than the following rows.

The 3D table contains two or more 2D tables with index break points specified in the table header.

The JSBSim Reference Manual, Section 2.5.2 Tables has complete details.