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Every month the FlightGear Newsletter strives to contain an interview with a FlightGear contributor.

Who are eligible?

Everyone who contributes to FlightGear. Contributions include, but are not limited to: liveries, source code, scenery models or writing wiki articles.

How does it work?

Anyone who considers him/herself eligible is free to do an interview. Newsletter interviews are slightly different than normal interviews, as there is no interviewer. You interview yourself, by picking questions from the list below (and optionally from your own imagination) and write down your answers.

You can then either copy and paste the interview into the next newsletter template, or contact Hooray or Gijs.

Interview questions

This is a collection of possible interview questions. This list is just supposed to get you started. You are obviously free to come up with your own ideas and questions when writing an interview.

  • What is your forum nickname?
  • How long have you been involved in FlightGear?
  • What are your major interests in FlightGear?
  • What projects are you working on right now?
  • What do you plan on doing in the future?
  • Why is it that you are interested in flight simulation or aviation in general?
  • Are you happy with the way the FlightGear project is going?
  • What do you enjoy most about contributing to FlightGear?
  • Are there any "hidden features" you have worked on in FlightGear that new users may miss?
  • What advice can you give to new contributors who want to get started on their first aircraft/new feature/Nasal script?
  • Have you previously used other flight simulators or simulation software in general?
  • How does FlightGear compare in your opinion?
  • Do you remember what first got you interested in FlightGear? How did you learn about FlightGear? In other words, why did you actually download and try FG?
  • What was your first impression about FlightGear?
  • Compared to other flight simulation software, what are FlightGear's major benefits in your opinion?
  • Do you think it is necessary to know how to program in order to contribute to FlightGear?
  • Have you ever used FlightGear professionally or for educational purposes?
  • What about FlightGear as a "game", do you think it can be used as such?
  • On average, how much time do you spend working with/contributing to FlightGear?
  • Which of the more recent FlightGear developments do you consider most interesting/appealing?
  • Is there some feature that you'd truly like to see in FlightGear one day?
  • What do you think could be done to attract even more new users and contributors to FlightGear?
  • What about interacting with the FlightGear community? Any tips/experiences you'd like to share?
  • Have you ever recommended FlightGear to other users, friends/family?
  • Is there anything else you'd like to share with us?