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Illuminator is a configuration utility for compositor lights in FlightGear.

You can use it to fine tune landing lights etc


To make use of this addon

Adding lights to an aircraft

See Compositor#Lights for a sample XML and explanation. The UFO was modified to contain spot lights to illustrate the use of this addon.

Dialog window

Light configuration dialog.
Warning  Addon works only for spot lights

You can select one or two lights to configure. If the checkbox for 2nd light is checked, configuration changes will be done simultaneously for both selected lights.

Note  To find a light by name, click the props button (top right), go up one level in the property browser and ctrl-click on the "." entry to activate verbose mode.

Use the direction sliders to can be selected inverted (multiplied by -1) for the 2nd light. This is useful if you have a left and a right light and you want to turn them to the center or outside.


It is assumed that the XML definition for the light uses the pitch, roll, heading elements for direction. Other variants have not been tested and may lead to unexpected results or even crash.

Range and attenuation

To make things easy, there are presets (taken from the website referenced on the Compositor page). Select a predefined range (in meters) by clicking the left or right button.

The attenuation parameters are set accordingly, but can be modified again.

Known issues

Configuration works only for spot lights.