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Some thoughts

  • users need to be really specific about their use-case and bug reporting
  • users need to come up with a narrowed-down test-case ideally (changing/excluding factors like location/scenery and aircraft)
  • users need to come up with an easily reproducible test case exhibiting the problem
  • pause vs. unpause effect (some systems being disabled/suspended when paused)
  • effects of accelerated sim-time vs. time warp to speed up troubleshooting
  • the test case should be based on fgfs standards, i.e. fgfsrc, preferences.xml, startup arguments
  • complex flights should either be covered via pre-recorded flights and/or fgtape
  • alternatively, scripted flights would work, too
  • if the use-case depends on complex procedures, use an aircraft with Aircraft Checklists to help execute those in a reprodudcible fashion
  • inevitably, given the lack of dedicated RAM tracking means in FG, this will be highly Linux specific for now - so need to look for windows based contributors wanting to help with extending the article accordingly
  • discuss git bisect and especially scripting "git bisect run" via fgfs
  • introduce ASAN
  • explain C++ classes, ctors and dtors for tracking allocations via new (see my posting), use of SG_LOG for console output

--Hooray (talk) 13:07, 27 February 2015 (EST)