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Cquote1.png here's the first version of the script that converts object positions from into

.stg lines:

if you feel like improving WED, here is the code:

In case you use blender and the 2 addons io_scene_ac3d and io_xplane2blender to convert from .ac to .obj: After import you have to go to properties->scene and add one x-plane layer. enable Export for Layer 1 and name it like the object without extension. e.g. -> Fence-50m-green ..or maybe with the extension - I'll have to try that: -> Fence-50m-green.xml -> Fence-50m-green.xml

it would be nice to have a command line tool for this conversion step, similar to: xplane2fg

If you edit the heading in WED then use the "north" hand of the cross to get headings from 0 to 359 degrees. avoid negative headings! you can also enter exact headings in the property menu on the bottom right in WED.

use "Edit->Duplicate" crl-sh-D to create many objects with the same heading.
— pommesschranke (August 30th, 2015). Placing objects with WED.
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