Howto talk:Parsing binary data received via UDP in C

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Cquote1.png Feel free to get in touch if you need help using the wiki or adding your code there (a few more comments, and maybe a complete/self-contained snippet of code might be a good idea).

To be really useful in the long-term, it would be great to make this cross-platform, and maybe getting it committed to $FG_SRC/contrib - the easiest way for making this platform agnostic would probably be using the SimGear SGSocketUDP API: ... etUDP.html

You'll find a self-contained unit test that you can easily adapt to add your own code here: flightgear/simgear/ddd9691439e7f632d927b2b7281b3590bf7219cc/simgear/io/socktest.cxx

the relevant cmake/build system changes can be seen here: flightgear/simgear/ddd9691439e7f632d927b2b7281b3590bf7219cc/simgear/io/CMakeLists.txt#l56