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So, I would like to do head tracking with a Wii Remote and flightgear. Today I bought a Wii Lego Remote for $29.99 from Walmart. Tomorrow I will buy two High-Output Infrared LEDs catalog #276-143 from Radio Shack.

Note  Right now this page is just a blog tracking my progress.

Hardware Required

  • Wii Remote $29.99
  • High-Output Infrared LEDs catalog #276-143 from Radio Shack $2.20x2 $4.40
  • A blue tooth USB dongle ~$20
  • Some LED flashlight glasses ~$20

Software Required

I decided to start with linux-track. I pulled the SVN head sources, but had ./configure errors until I updated my gobjc package to 4.6. Apparently 4.2 either was not sufficient or had bit-rotted away. There was a problem with recursive includes in linux-track-read-only/src/tests/webcam_driver_test.c. I had to install the following debian packages libbluetooth-dev libbluetooth3 libcwiid-dev libcwiid1

First launch required LD_LIBRARY_PATH since it uses shared libraries. For some silly reason they put them in a hidden directory.

$ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=src/.libs/ ./src/qt_gui/ltr_gui

But there are also a few other projects to consider:



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