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you can then simply use a hash map to emulate a multi-language dialog - in contrast, any Canvas element, including GUI widgets (labels) is a fully dynamic thing - thus, there is no workaround needed. All you need to do is to set up a hash with strings for each language you'd like to support, at that point you can simply set the value of the label by retrieving the correct string from the hash[1]


    var STRINGS = {
    ENGLISH: {
    hello: 'hello',
    world: 'world',
    }, # end of english strings

    FRENCH: {
    hello: 'bonjour',
    world: 'monde',
    }, # end of french strings

    SPANISH: {
    hello: 'hola',
    world: 'mundo',
    }, # end of spanish strings


    var language = 'SPANISH';

    print( STRINGS[language].hello );
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