Howto:Creating SourceForge Forks of Flightgear Git Repositories

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If you do not have write access to the FlightGear git archives, and you want to work on and submit changes through merge requests, you will need to create a fork of a SourceForge project's Git repository.

Do not create SourceForge Forks if you do not intend to submit code changes to the flightgear projects.. You can still make source code changes locally, even if you do not create a fork.

If you have created a fork and no longer need or want it, please delete it.

  1. [Flightgear's SourceForge page]
  2. If you do not have a SourceForge account, create one. Click the []] link at the top of the SourceForge page. after Joining, return to [Flightgear's SourceForge page]
  3. For each git repository you expect to submit changes to:
    1. Open the git repository on [Flightgear's SourceForge page] using the Git Dropdown. It's best to open each git archive in a separate browser tab.
    2. It takes a while, but when the fork is complete, your user id should appear in the list of Forks for that git. You can also view all the forks you have created on your SourceForge profile page.