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Shortcuts are a way to get to pages in the Help and FlightGear wiki namespaces with less typing.

Technically the shortcuts are redirect pages with the same names as the shortcuts.

Using shortcuts

The shortcuts are easy to use. For example instead of typing "FlightGear wiki:Village pump" in the search box, you will only need to type "FGW:VP".

Creating a new shortcut

Search and create

You can create a new shortcut this way:

  1. Search for the shortcut using upper case letters. Use the prefixes H: for the "Help" namespace and FGW: for the "FlightGear wiki" namespace.
  2. Click the red link on top of the search results to create the page.
  3. Then add the following to the new page:
#REDIRECT [[<full page name>]]


Add the shortcut template

To inform readers that there is a shortcut, add the {{shortcut}} template somewhere at the top of the page the shortcut links to.

Technical details

The way the prefixes are used, effectively being pseudo-namespaces, the redirect pages are in the "Main" (article) namespace and will show up in article searches.

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