Hackathon Proposal: integrate proj3000 osm2city

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Title: Integrate Project 3000 into TerraSync through osm2city

Unshader W3.0 near Edinburgh.jpg
Sponsors: vanosten
Interested Parties: none
Status: n/a
Summary: Work on FG issue ticket 2342 to populate the earth with Project3000 by integrating it into osm2city
Background: Project3000 has been abandoned by its creator (confirmed). And it uses some copy code of osm2city while being based on an old Python 2.x version. vanosten has already ported the code and data to osm2city and made it basically working.

What is not solved is where to store some of the textures etc. in Terrasync as well as which folder structure (and STG-verbs) should be used.

Details: n/a
Required skills: Python for the osm2city part, C++ for the FG part
Learning Opportunities: * c++