Hackathon Proposal: Shaderbased ND features

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Title: Shaderbased ND features

Early Terrain radar emulation (from the 787-8) see Canvas Tile Element
Sponsors: merspieler
Interested Parties: none
Status: n/a
Summary: n/a
Background: To my knowledge, there are a couple of features which are currently not easily implementable on a navigation display or do not accurately represent the "outside" view (wxr)

These are:

  • Terrain
  • Airport moving map
  • Weather radar

These could be implemented as effects and shaders on the Compositor to get an accurate view of the sourroundings.

Details: n/a
Required skills:
Learning Opportunities: .
  • Shader
  • Effects
  • Compositor

For what its worth, user TDammers has successfully created all three of these using a non-shader based approach -- what is posing problems is that the terrain radar only shows as far as terrain is loaded; that might be a problem worth solving. What would be most useful would be a more efficient way to sample terrain, not least a way to sample terrain, beyond what is actually loaded. This avoids seeing tile boundaries in the terrain radar.