Hackathon Proposal: Better airway support

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Title: Better airway support

Sponsors: SP-NTX
Interested Parties:
Status: n/a
Summary: Actual airway support is bad and often(always) not works correctly.
Background: It's better and easier to write for example AB123 than writing some waypoints, (e.g. A -> Waypoint1 -> Waypoint2 -> ... -> B vs A -> AB123 to Waypoint8 -> B)

but current airways support is bad and our airway database (awy.dat)is very small, there are lots of airways in real world. It will make big difference in flight planning. And it should be possible for user to make airway, just like SID & STAR procedures.

Details: n/a
Required skills: Nasal , C++ , Maybe XML
Learning Opportunities: