GTA V Stirling GT

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GTA V Stirling GT
AUCAFLY hangar
GTA V Stirling GT
GTA V Stirling GT
Type Automobile
Manufacturer Aucafly
Author(s) Ausdkunst
--aircraft= gtawas
Status Beta
 FDM Stars-1.png
 Systems Stars-2.png
 Cockpit Stars-2.png
 Model Stars-4.png
 Website The website for the GTA V Stirling GT developments.
 Repository The development repository of the GTA V Stirling GT.
Download Download the aircraft package.
License GPLv3+
This vehicle is NOT available under the GNU GPL 2, the primary license of the FlightGear project. This means that parts cannot be reused in the official FlightGear repositories.

GTA V Stirling GT is a car featured in GTA V, which is a game published by Rockstar Games. 3D model and scripts are made by Ausdkunst and this project is licensed under GPL (3.0).


  • Wheels animation, rotate when changing directions
  • Steering wheel rotates when changing direction
  • Brake light when Park Break is on
  • Windows emit the classic Aucafly Blue-green light, which was first introduced on Aucafly T1.
  • Panorama Plus camera - To learn how to take a 360º photo, go to "How to take panorama screenshots with Aucafly cars".
  • Ability to drive on water


Sound library (all cars and aircrafts in AUCAFLY hangar share the same sound library. Download link: