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The GDT Hornet autogyro is the first simulation of an autogyro in FlightGear. It was brought to FlightGear in 2007 by Maik Justus, developer of the rotorcraft FDM implementation in YASim. Always wanting to have an autogyro he asked Emannuel Barranger for help. Emannuel Barranger stumbled about detailed information of the hornet, and they decided to build the hornet in FlightGear. They were very pleased that Don Shoebridge - the engineer behind the hornet - gave them any detailed information about the hornet they asked for and exported his SolidWorks model for FlightGear. Emmanuel Baranger converted it and made some simplifications and added animations.[1]

It does not happen all too often, that a company behind an aircraft even delivers a CAD-Model of their own aircraft to FlightGear to use!

Midwest Hornet Autogiro
GDT Hornet Ground.jpg
Type Autogyro
Manufacturer Midwest Engineering & Design
  • Emmanuel Baranger (3D)
  • Don Shoebridge (3D)
  • Maik Justus (FDM)
--aircraft= hornet
Status Alpha
 Website The website for the Midwest Hornet Autogiro developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Midwest Hornet Autogiro.
Download Download the Midwest Hornet Autogiro aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

Aircraft help


  1. Accelerate the rotor by hand n
  2. Set magneto switch to both }
  3. Start engine s
  4. Release parking-brake B
  5. Full power
  6. Wait for the rotor to reach sufficient rpm (~300)
    • The rotor accelerates faster if you pull the stick)


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