Freiburg Airfield

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Freiburg im Breisgau
The tower building in FlightGear
The tower building in FlightGear
Type Public
Owner Flugplatz Freiburg-Breisgau GmbH
City Freiburg i.Br.
(de/en) website
Runway Length Material
16/34 1400 m Asphalt
Scenery tile e007n47
TerraSync yes

Freiburg Airfield (de: Flugplatz Freiburg im Breisgau) is an airfield located in the northern part of the south-western German city Freiburg im Breisgau.


The airfield has a central tower building, containing offices used by a local flight school as well as a restaurant and amenities for pilots. It's home to multiple flying clubs, including the university's soaring club, Akaflieg Freiburg (de) and various other soaring, powered flight, ultralight and oldtimer aviation clubs.

On the southern part of the airfield, the german air ambulance service DRF Luftrettung operates a base for their H145 rescue helicopter.

Until 2015, the airfield had a second, grass covered runway used by gliders and motor gliders which was removed in order to create a new football stadium for the city's club, SC Freiburg. To replace it, a new grass runways was created between the main asphalt runway and the main taxiway, closing the former center taxiway[1].

Traffic Circuit

Caution  The information on this page may neither be accurate nor current and must not be used for real life flight.

The airfield features a traffic circuit for powered aircraft, one for gliders as well as departure and arrival routes for helicopters.

Powered Aircraft

The powered aircraft's circuit is at 1800ft AMSL (1000ft above the airfield) and visually characterized by important landmarks. Departing from runway 34, pilots must climb straight ahead until approximately abeam the intersection between the north-west bound train tracks and the highway A5. Afterwards, it's a left turn by 90 degrees. When crossing the river Rhine north of the motorway interchange Freiburg-Mitte, another left turn is made, now following a large, two-lane road leading towards the city centre (B31a). The downwind leg follows this road, later along the river Dreisam, until abeam the city's central railway station. Caution, this is the second railway bridge. After another left turn, the base leg leads you over the central station, turning left when abeam the runway for the final leg, flying approximately along a single railway track between the university medical centre and the main cemetery.

Attention needs to be payed towards the relatively high buildings in the base and final approach leg, including the high-rise central station as well as the university medical centre's chimney.

Note  The construction of a new football stadium on the former west side of the airport changed the location of the airfield's grass runway and thus the glider circuit, potentially also affecting the helicopter routes. The following description uses the proposed circuit according to a flight safety evaluation from 2016[2] and a consultant statement from the same year[3]

Glider Aircraft

The glider circuit is located to the east of the airfield at 1600ft AMSL (800ft GND). Its downwind leg is parallel to the runway, offset about 650m north-east, above the industrial park Freiburg Nord.

Helicopter Arrival/Departure

Helicopters approaching from the north fly approximately heading 200 until crossing the Granadaallee, a big road located just north of the airfield. Afterwards, they fly parallel to the runway, offset to the east in order to reach the helipad located next to the DRF air ambulance station.

Approaching from the north-east, helicopters join a downwind above the industrial area Freiburg Nord, about 1km to the north-east of the runway. Abeam the helipad, an enlarged half-circle leads directly to idem.

Freiburg in FlightGear

D-ECHO is slowly creating buildings on the airfield and in the nearby city. Contributions are very welcome, please contact him via the forum or Discord in order to coordinate efforts.

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