Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport

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377 feet
377 feet
Type Public
Owner Hessische Flugplatz GmbH Egelsbach
City Frankfurt
Runway Length Material
08/26 1400 m Asphalt
08/26 Grass 670 m Grass
Scenery tile e000n40/e008n49
TerraSync old layout available

Frankfurt-Egelsbach Airport (german: "Flugplatz Frankfurt-Egelsbach"), is an airport located south of the city of Frankfurt, Germany.


Frankfurt-Egelsbach is named after the nearby town Egelsbach about 10km / 5nm south-east of Frankfurt am Main Airport and 17km / 9nm south of Frankfurt city center. The runway is perpendicular to the highway A5 in the west and the train line Frankfurt-Mannheim to the east. Both of which are important visual references in the traffic pattern.


The grass runway opened in 1955. Soon it was decided to build a parallel paved runway, which opened in 1966, to realize over 100,000 flight movements per year. In summer 2004, the asphalt runway was extended by 410m to a total length of 1,4km.

Present use

The airfield is approved for aircraft 20t and currently (2022) the airport with the most GA flight movements per year in Germany. Egelsbach is home to around 30 companies, several flight schools and clubs. Due to the large variety of aircraft types, Egelsbach is the only airport in Germany with separate visual departure and approach procedures for fast and slow traffic.

The helicopter squadron of hessian police is based in Egelsbach.

Egelsbach in FGFS

An old version of Egelsbach with mostly shared objects is available via TerraSync. In 2021, the airport was completely redesigned and rebuilt and included in the Frankfurt custom scenery. All main and secondary buildings are modeled in detail and many parking positions have been added.

View of the tower building, the restaurant and fuel station

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