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We will document here the fdm properties used in FG, starting with those present in the fdm state. As some are not concordant between yasim/jsbsim, their actual meaning dépending the fdm will be exposed, and we will fill the table each time one conflict is resolved.

properties table

table legend:

  • Property name: the name of the property in the fg tree, with a link to the property description, as seen by the different fdm and the choice made.
  • quick description: a link to a long description (if available) with exemples
  • unit:
  • type:
  • native: included in the native-fdm protocol
  • fdm-state: part of the fdm state
  • conflict: if there's currently a conflict between different fdm, for more details see the property name
  • fixed in: the FG version wich solved the conflict
Property name quick description unit type native fdm-state conflict fixed in
/velocities/mach mach speed       yes 3.0
/velocities/uBody-fps ECEF velocities fps   yes yes 3.0
/velocities/vBody-fps ECEF velocities fps yes yes 3.0
/velocities/wBody-fps ECEF velocities fps yes yes 3.0
/orientation/alpha-deg rel wind vertical angle degree no -
/orientation/side-slip-deg rel wind hor angle degree yes
name desc. unit type nat fdm conf fix