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The hope is to start using C++11 soon, and gradually reduce / replace our Boost usage with inlined versions of whatever functionality we need (eg bind). [1]

conditionally using C++11 features is not a good idea, let’s wait until we use them /everywhere/, since there are a bunch of mechanical changes, eg using ‘auto’ for most loop iterator types, and I don’t think that will be simplified by having to remove conditionals. If you really want to use use conditional features, let’s mimic Qt and add some custom SG #defines like SG_OVERRIDE and SG_CPP11 so they are at least easy to grep for.[2]

Once C++11 is mandatory we will for sure s/auto_ptr/uniqe_ptr and make SGSharedPtr a typdef for std::shared_ptr or something, but anyway I’m not worried about the deprecation - auto-ptr is a very simple beast.[3]

I was hoping to use CXX_STANDARD_REQUIRED and be done it. If Cmake 3.0 is an easier version to stick with for now, James Turner can live with it. Imported targets are a much bigger improvement and should work in 3.0[4]

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