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FlightGear China
Age 4 (Founded August 2016)
Website https://www.fgprc.org https://www.fgprc.org.cn

FlightGear China (FGPRC) is a organization for FlightGear users and fans in China.

FGPRC logo.png


MPMap: https://mpmap.fgprc.org

MPMap (hosted in China): https://mpmap.fgprc.org.cn

MP Server

We have an MP server network that is not yet connected to the official FlightGear MPServer Network.

mpcn01.fgprc.org (Located in NewYork, US)

mpcn02.fgprc.org (Located in Hangzhou, China)

Current Members

Currently, we have 117 members in our QQ group.


Official Website Github