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Development status Project Initiation (2010-)

FGATC is a Web Application created for FlightGear, used to assist ATC controllers to manage traffic around airports they are responsible for.


  • FGATC is not an ATC scope replacement
  • To be used by airlines, pilots and ATC controllers
  • Web based system for users
  • Support REST style interface for other applications to use
  • Guide novice pilots to create flight plans
  • Assist ATC controllers by providing as much information in one place about the controller airport
  • Support both GA and Scheduled Air Transport flight plans


Currently ATC controllers must have several screen and different applications open to properly manage the airspace around airports they are controlling. There is no place to register a flight plan to assist ATC controllers understand aircraft movements within their controlled airspace.



Id Description Mandatory/Desirable
1 File Flight Plan M
1.1 Create Scheduled Flight Plan M
1.2 Registration M
1.2.1 Register Airline M
1.2.2 Register pilot M
1.2.3 Register aircraft tail number D
1.3 New Flight Plan from stored Scheduled plan M
1.4 New empty Flight Plan M
1.5 Revise/delete flight plan m
2.1 Allocate Airport to Controller M
2.2 Make runway active M
2.2.1 Assign slot D
2.2.2 display flight plan M
2.2.3 Approve plan M
2.2.4 Approve pushback M
2.2.5 Approve take-off M
2.2.6 Approve line-up D
2.2.7 display IAP M
2.2.8 display flight plan M
2.2.9 Cleared to land D
2.3 calculate traffic density D
2.3.1 Calculate taxi time D
3 Provide Platform for ATN D
3.1 Support ATS MHS D
3.2 Support CPDLC D
3.3 Support Context Management D

Project Deliverables

  • workflow for pilots to file flight plans
  • workflow for airlines to create scheduled flight plan templates
  • workflow for ATC controllers to allocate airspace responsibility
  • display terrain map of Tower controllers airspace
  • display map of Ground controllers area of responsibility
  • display map of Approach/Departure controllers airspace
  • REST interface for filing of flight plans
  • REST interface for creating of scheduled flight plan templates
  • REST interface for list of current flight plans for named airport
  • Provide a platform to build support for ATN

Architecture Structure


Application View

Data View


Wireframe View

Technical Architecture View

Architecture Behaviours

Component View

Execution View

Use Case

Pilot Use Case

High Level Use Case for a pilot


Pilot Registration

Create new Flight Plan from empty


Create new Flight Plan from scheduled template


Revise saved Flight Plan


Airline Use Case

Airline Registration


Airline create Scheduled Template


ATC Controller Use Case