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F-16CJ HUD on B-17F AI Bomber Formation, 2014-02-05
f-16cj HUD 2

The F-16CJ is a rendition of the F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter jet, modeled and scripted by members of FGUK.

It has a fully functioning M61-A1 20mm Vulcan cannon, autopilot (hit the F11 key), and a select few liveries. The topic of this newsletter is to display whatever new information comes out for the progress in the following project:

The F-16CJ Head-Up Display Project

The Head-Up Display is currently a basic fighter jet setup, with targeting circles and basic navigation data displays. However, it lacks the necessary data displays for dogfighting, bombing, etc. If you are interested in contributing to the project, visit the FlightGear Forum link listed below.

Many thanks to all,

--Friend, Commander of HSOTF


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