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Dornier DO228 NG
Dornier DO 228-212 NG Cockpit.jpg
Type Airliner, Business aircraft, Cargo aircraft, Civil aircraft, Military transport aircraft, Military utility aircraft, Special-purpose aircraft, STOL aircraft, Transport aircraft
Configuration High wing aircraft, Monoplane aircraft, Retractable gear aircraft, Tricycle landing gear aircraft
Propulsion Twin-engine turboprop aircraft
Manufacturer Dornier-Werke, RUAG, General Atomics Europe
Author(s) Bea Wolf (D-ECHO)
--aircraft= do228-212
Status Development
Supports Checklists Canvas
 Website The website for the Dornier DO228 NG developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Dornier DO228 NG.
Download Download the Dornier DO228 NG aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Dornier DO 228-212 NG is a twin-engine turboprop passenger, cargo and special missions aircraft designed by . The Dornier 228 made its first flight in 1981 and is subsequently produced until today. This model, the NG ("New Generation") variant was introduced in 2007 by RUAG Aerospace, which took over production and design from the defunct Dornier-Werke company. In late 2020, the program was again sold to General Atomics Europe, which continues the production and maintenance in Oberpfaffenhofen, Germany.[1]

The FlightGear Model

RUAG, the aircraft's manufacturer until 2020, was as nice as to provide a Pilot Operating Handbook of the aircraft as well as answering some questions. D-ECHO is trying to create the aircraft's model, FDM and systems simulation as closely to the available data as possible. This also means that the progress is rather slow and rather big parts are still missing (e.g. the engine models are still very incomplete until better reference is found). Help is welcome, but the POH can't be shared. If you want to help, please contact D-ECHO, preferably via the forum or Discord.


  • docs/ lists all of the known instruments along with their development status and references
  • FDM: Ongoing Ongoing
  • 3D-Model:
    * Fuselage: Mostly done
    * Engines: Started, Reference needed
    * Details: To-Do
    * Interior: Cabin and doors exist, no details, no seats
    * Cockpit: Panels and Seats mostly done, details to be added
  • Systems:
    * Electrical: Done Done
    * Hydraulics: Simulated basically, can be improved
    * Anti-Ice and Icing: Not done Not done
    * Fuel: Simulated basically, can be improved
    * Engines: Simulated basically, can be improved
    * EICAS Messages: System is in place, not all messages functioning
    * Glass instruments: Basics done, to be improved and more features to be added

Aircraft Help

Checklists are available at Help -> Checklists. All items that can't be executed yet should be marked "(not yet available"). There is an autostart available for those not wanting to go through the real procedure.

Key Function
Del Toggle Reverse


External Links

  1. AeroTelegraph: Die Dornier 228 wird amerikanisch (de)