Delco Carousel

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The Delco Carousel is a high-end INS system found on many older airliners, such as the 727, Concorde, DC-8 and 747 variants prior to the -400 series. It includes modules installed in the cockpit (some on the overhead panel, others on the centre pedestal), combined with navigation and gyroscope platforms installed in the electronics bay.

FlightGear Implementation

The proposal is to develop a generic 3D instrument modelling the cockpit panels, especially the control unit, using Nasal, as a layer on top of the core GPS/FMS code. This requires upgrading the GPS code to accept an arbitrary position input source (i.e the output from the gyroscope platform), but once done, all the existing GPS/FMS computations for ground-speed, track, cross-track-error and so on should work as-is.