Düsseldorf International Airport

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Düsseldorf International Airport
Type Public
Owner Flughafen Düsseldorf GmbH
City Düsseldorf, Germany
Runway Length Material
05R/23L 3000 m Concrete
05L/23R 2700 m Concrete


Düsseldorf International is the third largest airport in Germany. It has two runways at 2700m and 3000m long. The usage of the second runway (05L/23R) is limited by a contract with the land NRW. The main active runway direction is 23.

The airport has three terminals, A, B and C. The major airline at Dusseldorf is Eurowings (Terminal A, B and C). Terminal C is used for flights to and from states which are not in the schengen agreement. Terminal A is primarily used for airlines that are member of Star Alliance.

The biggest aircraft you can see at this airport are A380, A340 and B787. There are two daily flight of Emirates A380 to Dubai (parking at C2). There are no regular flights of 747s, although are allowed to land at EDDL, as at EDDF.

For further information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D%C3%BCsseldorf_International_Airport

Flightgear scenery

  • Detailed apt850 airport layout
  • Taxiways
  • Taxilights
  • Detailed ground layout of apron and taxiways
  • Lots of signs (taxiway and parking positions)
  • Airport roads
  • Generic Buildings (hangars, jetways etc.)
  • Airport tower and terminal
  • Animated jetways at A3, B3, C3. Triple jetway for A380 at C2
  • Corine + openstreetmap scenery
  • Authors
  • Markus Pargmann
  • TeXnicer (first scenery version from 2009 with airport tower and terminal)
  • Thanks to D-EKEW for corine scenery generation
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