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Computer2cockpit setup for Heavy Jet

Computer2cockpit is a solution comprised of Flight Simulation Hardware, designed for Flight Training and Preparation.

It consists of Flight Simulation Interface, Controls and Panels. Flight Simulation Interface connects all the Controls and Panels to a computer. Controls that can be connected to computer2cockpit interface are:

  • Flight Yoke
  • Rudder Pedals
  • Throttle Quadrant for Propeller Aircraft
  • Throttle Quadrant for Jet Aircraft

Panels that can be connected to computer2cockpit interface are:

  • Switch Panel
  • Navigation Panel
  • Navigation Display Control Panel
  • FMS Input Panel

Computer2cockpit solution has full cockpit functionality of Twin Engine aircraft ranging from light Piston, Turbo-prop and Jet aircraft to Heavy Turboprop and Jet Aircraft. It will be compatible with all other aircraft models.


Goals of this project are:

  1. To develop hardware that is realistic, has full cockpit functionality of twin engine piston aircraft, to allow for flight training
  2. To develop hardware that is modular, meaning cockpit can be assembled piece by piece, and new pieces will be compatible with original interface.
  3. To develop hardware that is affordable, meaning full cockpit should cost around 2 hours in certified procedure trainer.

Project phases

We have divided project into 4 basic phases:

  • Product design phase - completed
  • Product presentation phase - second presentation cycle under way
  • Prototype manufacturing phase - in progress
  • Production phase - expected fall 2014 via crowdfunding

Current activity(July 2014):

  • Development - Working on additional products for people owning existing hardware made by other manufacturers to complete functionality.
  • Marketing - Latest Newsletter available


Computer2cockpit Schematic. Choice of TQs and Switch panels shown below.

Flight Simulation Interface

Flight Simulation Interface is designed to connect Flight Yoke, Throttle Quadrant, Rudder Panels, Switch Panel, Navigation Panel FMS control panel and Navigation Display control panel to a computer via single USB cable. Number of Digital, Analogue and Quadrature Encoder inputs that will be supported by Flight Simulator Interface exceeds the number that is used by our Accessories, making it ideal for Home Cockpit Builders.

Flight Yoke

Other than pitch,elevator controls and autopilot electric trim switch, computer2cockpit flight yoke provides:

  • Gear Extension switch
  • Emergency Gear Extension switch
  • Alternate static source
  • Parking Brake

It allows for 150 mm Pitch Travel and even more than 200 mm on user request. It can be mounted under the table and behind a panel for cockpit building

Throttle quadrant(s)

Computer2cockpit Throttle Quadrant for Propeller aircraft simulates throttle, propeller and mixture control for Twin-engine Aircraft Additional functions that are simulated by computer2cockpit throttle quadrant are:

  • Carburetor Heat controls
  • Flap controls with changeable 3 Flap plates
  • Cowl Flap controls

It has thrust reversing and propeller feathering positions.

Computer2cockpit Throttle Quadrant for Jet aircraft simulates throttle and condition controls for Twin-engine Jet Aircraft Additional functions that are simulated by computer2cockpit throttle quadrant are:

  • Flap controls
  • Spoiler controls

It has thrust reversing positions.

Rudder Pedals

Computer2cockpit Rudder Pedals allow for differential braking. Non slip technology is incorporated, meaning that these pedals will never move while being used. The do not require any bolts or under-boards to stay where you put them. They are professionally designed for flying simulation.

Switch Panel(s)

Computer2cockpit Switch Panel for Piston Aircraft has the same functionality and nearly identical appearance to a switch panel found on an actual Twin-engine piston aircraft. The switches on computer2cockpit switch panel are at least the same size of those found on actual aircraft.

Functions simulated by switch panel are listed below:

  • Magnetos
  • Electric Primer
  • Starter
  • Lighting controls
  • Ice Protection
  • Fuel Pumps
  • Electrical system controls

Computer2cockpit Switch Panel for Turbine Aircraft has the same functionality and nearly identical appearance to a switch panel found on an actual Twin-engine Turboprop or Light Jet aircraft. The switches on computer2cockpit switch panel are at least the same size of those found on actual aircraft.

Functions simulated by switch panel are listed below:

  • Electrical system
  • Starter and Ignition
  • Fuel System
  • Lighting switches
  • Ice Protection

Computer2cockpit Switch Panel for Heavy Jet aircraft has basic functionality required to operate Commercial Heavy Jet aircraft.

Functions simulated by switch panel are listed below:

  • Start controls
  • Electrical system and APU controls
  • Ice Protection
  • Fuel Jettison controls
  • Fuel System
  • Hydraulics
  • Lighting switches

Navigation Panel

Computer2cockpit Navigation Panel Inputs every knob and switch found on aircraft instrument panel and radio stack. It allows easy navigation and full cockpit interaction.

Navigation Panel simulates:

  • Intercom
  • Full Autopilot
  • NAV/COM radios
  • ADF radios
  • DME radios
  • GPS device
  • Transponder

It holds half of all functions simulated by entire computer2cockpit solution, making it most complex device offered. It also provides input for Heading, Altimeter Settings, PFD, ND, altitude alerting system, Radar altimeter and more.

Navigation Display Control Panel

Computer2cockpit is completed by ND control panel, to allow for mouse free manipulation of modern glass cockpit aircraft. Navigation of such aircraft is simplified with this panel. It is similar to the panel found on Heavy Jet aircraft but can be used without problem for light glass cockpit aircraft.

FMS Control Panel

Computer2cockpit FMS Control Panel was designed to allow control of FMS computer without using Mouse. It has additional buttons to control any kind of FMS input panel.


Where are you located?
Zagreb, Croatia

How much will the whole computer2cockpit devices cost?
Visit FAQ on our web where the target prices will be updated daily FAQ on

Will this product require some special software to connect to flight simulation software?
No, it is designed as HID USB device like keyboard or mouse.

Will this hardware be multiplatform?
Yes we plan to make it compatible with Windows, Linux, MacOS.

Will this hardware be compatible with other flight simulation software?
Yes, we plan to make it compatible with all major flight simulator software. Any software that can support game controllers will support computer2cockpit

How does the hardware connect to a computer?
Hardware is connected via computer2cockpit interface to a computer. Interface is connected to a computer via USB port.

Why do you plan to use the interface as connection for controls and panels to a computer?
Such approach allows us to lower the price of individual controls and panels, making them more attractive and affordable. It also allows easy upgrading, once you have decided to upgrade your cockpit.

Will the computer2cockpit interface be able to connect old game-port devices?
No. Computer2cockpit interface will only be able to connect computer2cockpit accessories. Accessories and the interface will be available for purchase separately. Interface will remain the same troughout the production life assuring compatibility.

Will this hardware be compatible with other aircraft models under FlightGear?
Yes. Every aircraft has similar cockpit layout and the same cockpit functions. You will be able to use it for many aircraft models.

Do you plan to make hardware similar to other aircraft?
Maybe Helicopter hardware that we will develop in the future.

Do you plan to make Joysticks?
No. Many other manufacturers on the market offer joysticks. We want to offer something different. Not generic.

Do you plan to include force feedback?
Not at this moment. That would at least double the price of devices.

Why don’t you unify your design with helicopter cockpit?
We decided not to offer generic hardware but aircraft class specific hardware. This concept covers many groups of users. Student and Fresh Pilots, Flight Simulation Enthusiasts, and Home Cockpit Builders that will probably need our interface.

Why is there no LCD-s on your Navigation panel?
It is radio instrument and navigation panel combined. I has no LCD-s because it was designed to input information only. For output users can use their cockpit display on main screen.

Is there an option to set QNH, HDG, Radials.. on your Navigation panel?
Yes you can set both altimeters, heading, both OBS bearings for VOR/ILS, RMI heading.. full list of functions is available on web site.

Are those photographs of an actual hardware?
Those photographs are renderings of finished product designs that are currently being prepared for prototype manufacturing and testing phase.

Additional information:

For more information regarding the computer2cockpit hardware, simulated functions and project team visit For project updates please subscribe or follow us on facebook / google+

Thank you for support!