Caudron C.684

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Caudron C.684
Type Sport aircraft
Configuration Low wing aircraft
Propulsion Single-engine aircraft, Propeller aircraft
Manufacturer Société des Avions Caudron
  • Guillaume Chauvat
  • Laurent Hayvel (texture)
--aircraft= C684
Status early-production (0.4.13)
 Website The website for the Caudron C.684 developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Caudron C.684.
Download Download the Caudron C.684 aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Caudron C.684 was a single piston engine sport plane of the 1930s.

Aircraft help

Key Function
G Select propeller low pitch (takeoff / landing)
g Select high pitch (cruise)
! Toggle battery
$ Apply selected pitch

User's Manual

The propeller is an old variable pitch propeller. It has only two configurations: low and high pitch. Use low pitch for low speeds: takeoff and landing. Use high pitch for cruise (more than 180 km/h).

Standard procedures

  1. Battery: On
  2. Magnetos: both
  3. Starter: 10 seconds max
  1. Flaps: 20°
  2. Full power
  3. Lift tail wheel at 100 km/h
  4. Initial climb: 140 km/h
  5. 100 m (300 ft): Flaps: 0°
  6. Climb: 150 km/h
  1. 150 km/h
  2. Pitch: low
  3. Full power
Cruise climb
  1. Full power
  2. Pitch: high
  3. 200 km/h
Change pitch
  1. Apply pitch: Off
  2. Select pitch
  3. Apply pitch: On
  4. When the light is off, apply pitch: Off

Remark: there are only two different pitches: low and high. "Slow high" ("grand pas lent") makes just the pitch change more slowly than "high pitch" ("grand pas").

  • Propeller Pitch: High
  • 2200 rpm, 275 km/h
  • Above 1500 m (4500 ft), mixture in order to maximize rpm.
  1. Flaps: 45°
  2. Speed: 140 km/h

Emergency procedures

Accidental spin
  • Rudder: in the opposite direction of the spin
  • Elevator: neutral position
  • Ailerons: neutral position, DO NOT USE AILERONS
  • When the spin stops: pull (<3.5g) to raise the plane


Remark: since I didn't find any manual, most of speeds are just estimates

  • VNE: 400 km/h (215 kt)
  • VFE: 190 km/h (103 kt)
  • Max positive G: +3.5
  • Max negative G: -1.5
  • Max RPM: 2800
  • Max continuous RPM: 2500 for 5 minutes

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