Caspian Sea Monster

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Caspian Sea Monster (Korabl Maket)
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Type seacraft, Ground effect vehicle, Ekranoplan, Military utility aircraft, Military transport aircraft, Experimental aircraft
Configuration Ground effect vehicle, Tandem-wing aircraft, Stealth aircraft
Propulsion Jet aircraft, Ten-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Central Hydrofoil Design Bureau
Author(s) Emmanuel Baranger
--aircraft= km
Status Not set yet
 Hangar Helijah hangar
 Website The website for the Caspian Sea Monster (Korabl Maket) developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Caspian Sea Monster (Korabl Maket).
Forum 'Caspian Sea Monster (Korabl Maket)' topic on the FlightGear forum.
License GPLv2
Wikipedia Caspian Sea Monster This is a link to a Wikipedia article

The Korabl Maket (KM), or as it's popularly known the Caspian Sea Monster, is an Ekranoplan (ground effect vehicle) designed to move quickly over bodies of water using the ground effect to increase lift and decrease drag. The Caspian Sea Monster was developed by the Soviet Union, and was the largest and heaviest aircraft 1966 to 1988.

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