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at the moment this is a scratch pad to collect

  • information about the CRJ700 family glass cockpit
  • ideas how to implement this with the canvas system of FG
  • links to relevant canvas documentation

CRJ 700 family

In the following text "CRJ700" includes also CRJ900 and CRJ1000 unless noted otherwise as those basically share the same cockpit. Information is collected from various sources on the internet.


The CRJ700 has a "glass cockpit" (refering to the six CRT screens in the panel). According to [1] the CRJ700 uses a Collins Proline 4 EFIS. The following picture shows the default assignment of the screens, there is a Primary Flight Display (PFD), a Multi Function Display (MFD) and an EICAS display on each side.

CRJ700 cockpit with text lables

On the pedestal panel (not on the picture) there is a source selector panel to switch display functions in case of a CRT fault or certain other system faults. This is not (yet) implemented in FG CRJ700 family but probably it can be easily done once we have a canvas implementation for all displays.

MFD (Multi Function Display)

The MFD contains functions like navigation, HSI, TCAS, weather radar, flight plan. Pilot and copilot side MFD are independent and can be contolled via the side panel.

Control panel for PFD/MFD
  • Ranges are 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 and 640 NM (depending on selected format).
  • RDR / TERR button selects weather radar display, terrain display or both (not implemented in FG CRJ yet)

Control selections

  • MFD format selection
  • Bearing pointer selection
  • Navigation source selection
  • Cross side navigation data and course display

With the FORMAT knob on the side panel the following formats can be selected:

  • HSI compass
  • Navaid sector map
  • TCAS (ranges 5,10,20,40 NM)
  • FMS present position map
  • FMS plan map
  • Weather radar

old non-canvas implementation

HSI Navaid sector
old (non-canvas) implementation of CRJ700 MFD in HSI mode
old (non-canvas) implementation of CRJ700 MFD in navaid sector mode

FG documentation regarding canvas

(add links to relevant documentation here)

Nav display (MFD)