Brisbane International Airport

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Brisbane International Airport
Brisbane International Airport.png
Type Public
City Brisbane, Queensland (QLD), AUSTRALIA
Runway Length Material
01/19 3 560 metres Asphalt
14/32 1 700 metres Asphalt

Brisbane International Airport is the international and domestic airport serving the city of Brisbane. The airport is located approximately 15km from Brisbane City, near the mouth of the Brisbane river on an area that had sand pumped from Morton Bay to raise it above tide levels. The Brisbane FIR en-route centre is located adjacent to Brisbane tower and controls all of Queensland, the Northern Territory, half of Western Australia, Northern half of New South Wales (from just north of Sydney) and the Tasman Sea.


YBBN has 2 runways, the main north-south 01/19, and a SE-NW 14/32 to the north west of rwy 19 used by G.A. aircraft.

Runway 01/19

Runway 01/19 is the airports longest runway at 3 560 metres long. Instrument Landing System is available for both runway 01 and runway 19.

Runway NAV Freq ILS Ident Heading FAF Name Intercept Altitude
01 109.5 IBA 016 GLENN 3000ft
19 110.1 IBS 196 SINNK @ 2500ft 7.1DME at 2500ft

Runway 14/32

Runway 14/32 is used by General Aviation and is 1 700 meters long. There is no Instrument Landing System available.

Airport Layout

The International terminal is the South West quadrant of the airport, next to that is the Domestic Terminal in the western half and the next to that is the General Aviation apron in the North West quadrant.


Models for the the whole airport are available from an external source [3].

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