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To claim this bounty, the developer must present a version of FlightGear Scenery Designer (FGSD), which includes all modifications described in the first FGSD bounty Flightgear Scenery Designer 1 and additionally implements all features the original FGSD author had planned but not completed.


Implement "missing" features


As of today (5 January 2012) the features the original FGSD author had planned are:

  • Define arbitrary contour for maps
  • Display map fragments according to their contour
  • Import FG scenery by airport and radius
  • Show altitude by colors
  • Use curves to define land use contours and water bodies
  • Use curves to define roads, railways and power lines
  • Create photo-scenery
  • Define taxiway network for FG AI Traffic
  • Build airports
  • Create building models according to templates and measures made on map
  • Import OpenFlight models and export them to the FlightGear scenery format

The developer must present binary packages for current Windows and MAC OS versions as well as either present binary packages for the major Linux distributions (namely Ubuntu, OpenSuse and Debian) or present a sufficient documentation for compiling that enables an averagely experienced Linux user to compile the source him-/herself.


The code must be released as Open Source under the GPL or a compatible license

Claiming the bounty

To claim this bounty, the developer must contact the maintainer and announce the intention to work on this project. The developer then has 2 weeks time to present some progress. Then the task will be assigned to the developer and the assignment documented in the Wiki. When the developer is finished, he/she will contact the maintainer and present the results. The maintainer will together with the other contributors decide, if the result will be accepted and the bounty will be paid. Acceptance or non-acceptance will be documented in the Wiki as well.


sgofferj (maintainer) - US$25 - payable via PayPal - stefan DOT gofferje AT gmx DOT de



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