Bonn-Hangelar Airport

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Bonn-Hangelar Airport
Type Public, Federal Police restricted area (south-west part)
City Sankt Augustin, Germany
Runway Length Material
11/29 800m Asphalt
Scenery tile e007n50
TerraSync yes
EDKB top view
EDKB landing approach

Bonn-Hangelar airport is an airfield in western Germany. It is located about 12 km (7.5 miles) south of Konrad Adenauer Airport (EDDK), Cologne-Bonn.

In the current FlightGear scenery, almost all of the airport is modelled detailled, except the federal police facilities.


German aviation pioneer Fritz Pullig conducted the first flight in 1909, when the area now occupied by the airfield was still heathland. Subsequently, more and more aviation companies moved to the site. In both the first and second world war, the airfield was used for military purposes. After aviation operations were permitted again in 1951, glider clubs and later general aviation clubs, flight schools and maintenance companies were established at Bonn-Hangelar.[1] Additionally, both the german federal police as well as the HEMS provider ADAC built facilities at the airfield, that are still active today.

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