Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner: Operating manual and checklists

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Operating Manual

In the Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), you can find Aircraft Checklists for almost every phase of the flight in the 'Fight Manual Index' page. You can also view the 'Operating Manual' page which explains different flight maneuvers.

Just in case you feel looking into the EFB (which you could easily do in EFB view anyway) during runtime uncomfortable, I've 'echoed' all the checklists from the EFB out here.

INTRO: Welcome Aboard the Boeing 787-8 Aircraft. These checklists are based on real documentation but are still not recommended to be used in real aviation. For any help or support, send a PM to 'omega95' or 'redneck' on the Forums.

Pre-flight Checklists

  • Parking Brakes SET
  • Battery Switch ON
  • APU Generator OFF
  • APU Master Knob OFF
  • External Power ON
  • Landing Gear DOWN
  • Flaps Lever UP
  • Speedbrakes Lever RETR.
  • Engine Fuel Controls CUTOFF
  • Fuel Pump Switches OFF
  • Engine Instruments CHECK
  • Anti-Ice Controls AUTO
  • Window Heating AS REQ.
  • Altitude Setting SET
  • IFR Clearance REQUEST
  • Fuel Quantity CHECK
  • Beacon Lighting ON

Before Startup Checklist

  • Seat Belt Sign ON
  • Fuel Quantity CHECK
  • Engine Throttle IDLE
  • Engines Area CLEAR
  • Auto-brake Setting RTO
  • Yaw Damper ON
  • Fly-by-wire Setting CHECK
  • Hydraulic ENG Pumps ON
  • Hydraulic ELEC C1 Pump ON
  • AC Packs 1 and 2 ON
  • Equipment Cooling ON
  • Fuel Pumps ON
  • Startup Clearance REQUEST

Engines Startup Checklist

  • APU Master Knob START > ON*
  • APU Generator ON
  • Engine EEC Modes ON
  • Engine Starter Knob START
  • Engine Fuel Controls RUN
  • Engine Generators L1, R1 ON
  • APU Master Knob OFF
  • APU Generator OFF
  • External Power OFF

*APU MASTER CONTROL: To start and run the APU, first set the APU Master Knob to START and watch either the fault light, or the ELEC page on the EICAS screen. When the fault light goes off or the APU Indicator says 'STARTED' on the EICAS, set the starter knob to ON. This should make the APU Indicator say 'AVAILABLE' and you can now continue taking power from the APU Generator now.

Before Taxi Checklist

  • Parking Brakes SET
  • Fuel Quantity CHECK
  • Taxi Lights ON
  • Navigation Lights ON
  • Instrument Displays CHECK
  • Taxi Clearance REQUEST

Taxi Checklist

  • Flight Directors ON
  • Parking Brakes OFF

Do not exceed 25 knots while taxiing.

You're recommended to either have the airport diagram installed and opened up on the EFB or zoom into the full screen navigation display all the way to help you navigate around the airport.

If you're planning to use a SID for departure, make sure you have that installed in your EFB Database and loaded up in your airport charts page for reference.

Pre-Take-off Checklist

  • Take Off Flaps SET
  • Speed-brakes RETRACTED
  • Instruments CHECK
  • Landing Lights ON
  • Strobe Lights ON
  • Parking Brakes OFF

Take-off Checklist

  • Centered on Runway CHECK
  • Call our 80 knots CHECK
  • V1 (Decision Speed) CHECK
  • Vr (Rotation Speed) ROTATE
  • V2 (Safety Speed) CHECK
  • Positive Climb CHECK
  • Landing Gears UP

Post-Take-off Checklist

  • Auto-throttle (>200 KIAS) ON
  • Taxi and Landing Lights OFF
  • Flaps Lever AS REQ.
  • Auto-pilot ON
  • Route Manager ACTIVE

Climb-out Checklist (<FL100)

  • Engine Instruments CHECK
  • Hydraulic Systems CHECK

NOTE: Do NOT exceed 250 KIAS under FL100. If you do, the Fly-by-wire will reduce throttle to keep you under the limits.

Climb-out Checklist (FL100 to FL180)

  • Max. Climb-rate 2500 fpm CHECK
  • Auto-brake Setting OFF
  • Seat Belts Sign AS REQ.
  • Anti-Ice Controls AS REQ.
  • Pressurization CHECK
  • Engine Starters CHECK OFF
  • APU Master Knob CHECK OFF
  • Altimeter Setting SET 29.92

Climb-out Checklist (FL180 to Cruise)

  • Approx. Climb Thrust 89% - 91% N1
  • Max. Climb-rate (upto FL260) 1800 fpm CHECK
  • Max. Airspeed (up FL260) 300 KIAS
  • Max. Climb-rate (above FL260) 1000 fpm
  • Mach Speed upto FL300 0.8 Mach SET
  • Mach Speed above FL300 0.85 Mach SET
  • Check N1 vs. N1 limit CHECK
  • Fuel Quantity CHECK
  • Equipment Temperatures CHECK

Cruise Notes (not Checklist)

  • Every 30 minutes, take a quick look at all the instrument displays to make sure they're properly functioning. In case the ND, EFB, CDU or FBW malfunctions or hangs, hit their respective RESET buttons on the panel on both sides of the touch screen CDUs.
  • Check correct Mach Setting
  • Make sure the fly-by-wire is engaged and bank-limit is set as required. Note that the fly-by-wire's flight envelope protection (alpha and bank) and auto-stabilization will be effective only when the autopilot is turned off. This is so that it can't override the autopilot. Still, you are recommended to keep the AP on throughout the flight and use the Fly-by-wire to help you only during manual flight.
  • Make sure the route is entered correctly in the route manager, and the route is valid. In case of an error, re-activate the route and use the 'JUMP TO' function to jump to the waypoint.
  • Keep checking the fuel quantity against the Flight Fuel Planner on the EFB to make sure you have enough fuel for the flight.
  • Make sure the window, engines and wing temperatures stay above 0 to prevent ice buildup on them. If they drop below 0, turn on their respective anti-icing/window-heating.
  • Check hydraulic pumps to make sure they're functioning properly. In case of a hydraulic pump overheat or fault, turn them off, and turn on an alternative pump. Also make sure both Air-Conditioning packs are on, trim air is on and equipment cooling is turned on. You can find the Equipment Temperatures in the PNEU page on any of the MFDs.
  • In case the fuel quantity drops below the required fuel displayed, start preparing for a diversion to your alternate airport. Also, reduce mach speed to 0.75 mach and if there's a fuel imbalance, enable cross-feed.

In Range of Top Of Descent Checklist

  • Anti-Ice Controls AS REQ.
  • Navigation Radios SET
  • Course Setting SET
  • Fuel Quantity CHECK
  • Auto-brake Setting AS REQ.
  • Approach Briefing CHECK

Descent Checklist

  • Heads Up Display ON
  • Seat Belt Sign ON
  • Anti-Ice Controls AS REQ.
  • Navigation Displays CHECK
  • TCAS Instrument CHECK
  • Engine Instruments CHECK
  • Flight Displays CHECK
  • Hydraulic Systems CHECK
  • Air-Conditioning CHECK
  • Pneumatic Systems CHECK
  • Fuel Systems CHECK
  • Window Heating CHECK

Check METAR with both ATIS and EFB Display. If there's a mismatch, reset the EFB. Also, load up the appropriate STAR (Standard Appraoch) or IAP (Instrument Appraoch) chart on the the Airport Charts page on the EFB.

Appraoch Checklist

NOTE: To get the runway's ILS frequency, either get it from ATIS or go to the EFB, Airport Information, Enter the Airport ICAO in the CDU's EFB INPUT page, go to the Runway Information page on the EFB, enter the Runway in the CDU's EFB INPUT page and click on SET NAV1 next to the ILS frequency on the EFB to set your NAV1 Radio.

  • Landing Lights ON
  • Altimeter Setting SET
  • Navigation Radios TUNED
  • Approach LOC (Localizer) ACTIVE
  • Engine Instruments CHECK
  • Maximum Speed 250 KIAS CHECK
  • Flaps (<250 KIAS) SET 1 DEG
  • Flaps (<230 KIAS) SET 5 DEG
  • Flaps (<215 KIAS) SET 15 DEG
  • Flaps (<200 KIAS) SET 25 DEG
  • Flaps (<180 KIAS) SET 35 DEG
  • Landing Gear (<2100 ft) DOWN
  • Auto-brake Setting AS REQ.

NOTE: Flaps requirement may vary with total aircraft weight. A flaps requirement calculator will be available on the CDU in the near future.

Landing Checklist

  • Auto-throttle (500 AGL) OFF
  • Auto-pilot (300 AGL) DISCONNECT

On Touchdown, (hope you do it smooooth)

  • Reverse Thrust ENGAGE
  • Speedbrakes UP, FULL

When slowed down to less than 70 KIAS

  • Reverse Thrust DISENGAGE
  • Auto-brake Setting OFF

To take over from the Auto-brake, apply manual brakes, and use manual brakes to slow down to taxi speed (max. 25 KIAS)

In case of a go-around, increase to full throttle, and confirm positive climb. Request further directions from ATC.

Taxi-to-Ramp Checklist

  • Speed Brakes RETRACTED
  • Flaps Lever UP
  • Taxi Lights ON
  • Landing Lights OFF
  • Strobe Lights OFF
  • Anti-Ice Controls OFF
  • Flight Directors OFF
  • Engine Instruments CHECK

Engines Shutdown Checklist

  • Parking Brakes SET
  • Engine Generators OFF
  • External Power ON
  • Engine Fuel Control CUTOFF
  • Taxi Lights OFF
  • Beacon Lights OFF
  • Fuel Pump Switches OFF
  • Seat Belt Sign OFF
  • Heads Up Display OFF

Aircraft Secure Checklist

  • Pressurization OFF
  • Air Conditioning Packs OFF
  • Equipment Cooling OFF
  • Window Heating OFF
  • Hydraulic Pumps OFF
  • Interior Lights OFF
  • Battery Switch OFF
  • External Power OFF
  • Navigation Lights OFF
  • Doors Closed/Locked CHECK

We're still working on Failure Checklists and some extra checklists and will put them up when ready.