Bendix King KT 76A

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Bendix King KT 76A - Mode C transponder

The Bendix King KT 76A is a mode C transponder. In FlightGear, it has tooltip implementation and is compatible for network transmission.



Tooltip on mode knob
  • OFF: powered-off and doesn't transmit id-code/altitude
  • SBY: powered-on but in standby and doesn't transmit id-code/altitude
  • ON: powered-on and transmit id-code
  • ALT: powered-on and transmit id-code/altitude
  • TEST: same as SBY mode

Set id-code

Tooltip squawk

Use the four knobs on the center-right of the KT76A for setting id-code


Press IDENT button will trigger the ident mode during 18~20 sec.

Aircraft integration

Custom texture

You can provide a custom texture using the shared KT 76A. As example, provide a texture file in Aircraft/YourAircraft/Models/Instruments/kt76a-texture.png Now in your -set.xml add:


Now default texture has been replaced by your custom texture.

Dimming params

You can set the dimming parameters that control the light emission. As example, insert your KT 76A as follows:

    <x-m> YourValue </x-m>
    <y-m> YourValue </y-m>
    <z-m> YourValue </z-m>

Now controls/instruments/transponder-light is controlling the light emission of the KT 76A.