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Avion Ade is a YouTube Channel, that tries to produce weekly videos. The channel was created in November 18, 2020 and officially started video production in December of the same year.


The owner (name unpublished) had the idea of having an aviation-simulation based YouTube channel since early 2019, but due to age-limitations and the unavailability of a good video editor and good flight simulator, the plan had to be delayed to late 2020. In the meantime, he had experimented with several different video editors (including Wax, Microsoft Photo Editor, Shotcut including many more) and several different flight simulators. Eventually, he started using Kdenlive Video Editor and Flightgear Flight Simulator. The first video was planned to be released in November 12, 2020; but due to family issues, the video release date was pushed back to December. On December 23, 2020, the first video was released, which was a Dusk approach into John F. Kennedy Intl. Airport in a British Airways 767-300ER. This video is considered to be the official birth of the channel.